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Get fit. Get lean. Get strong. Fuel your body right.

Find Your Fire


My programs are designed to teach you how to live and MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle that incorporates strength, cardio, nutrition and mindset so that you can achieve the results you have always wanted! I have helped hundreds of people get off the exercise and nutrition roller coaster and realize they can feel the best they ever have and not feel overworked or deprived! You can feel strong, empowered and achieve results! 


About Lauren & Her Programs

I have been an athlete my entire life. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer, gymnast, dancer and tennis player. I was a Division I swimmer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Boston Marathon Qualifier, and 3 time CrossFit Regional Athlete. My passion for health and wellness has always been with me, but has grown to not only a lifestyle, but a profession and commitment to helping and empowering others to become the best version of themselves through optimal physical and emotional strength. 

I have been a professional trainer for 21 years. I received my degree in Exercise and Health Science and hold many credentials including CrossFit Level 2, Olympic Weightlifting, NASM ,Precision Nutrition, Pre-Post Natal, Kettlebell Certifications and more. I have also held various management positions throughout my career including the Director of Fitness for Boston College, General Manager of CrossFit Invictus Boston/part owner, and Fitness Manager for Lifetime Athletic. Through those years of experience, I developed and founded Laurenmartinfit - an online strength and conditioning and nutrition program, 1:1 training, and both online and outdoor bootcamp style classes.

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I offer monthly strength, conditioning and nutrition programs that can be done at home or in the gym. You will receive daily progressive workouts that combine strength, conditioning and cardio. My workouts are effective and efficient! A weekly meal plan template, shopping list, daily tips and a weekly educational zoom call will help keep you on track and help you achieve optimal fitness, wellness, body composition and energy! 


 I believe that consistency is the key to success and that incorporating both fitness and nutrition are essential to long term optimal health and results! Don't wait another day. Start now!

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